Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Diva in Training

My youngest daughter is 3. She is our bling girl! Anything that sparkles, shines, twinkles...she's the one to notice! Today she changed her boots. The pair she had on was not good enough. They only lighted up, and she needed more! She has a pair from last year that are just a bit too small, but that doesn't matter. She is a girl who knows how to sacrifice for beauty! These boots are iridescent pink with sparkly hearts and silver trim! AND THEY ARE TAPPY! She has several pair of "tappy" shoes.
Sigh....of all three of my girls, I relate to her the best. I can remember walking through J C Penny's when I was little, when they still had those hard, linoleum tiles. The sound was hypnotic! I loved hearing the ladies high heels clicking on them. I also like a little sparkle! And I am definitely an accessory girl. She doesn't leave the house without a piece of jewelry or lip gloss. My addiction is a nice handbag, or two, or three...I like shoes too, but really am more into purses.
I hope she chooses well in life. She will need to get a great job or marry someone who does! Bling ain't cheap!!

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