Friday, March 23, 2007

Status Quo

I live in a town that is perfectly happy to stay just as it is. The problem with that is I don't like it. Now, the town is nice, and relatively safe in terms of crime (the population is only around 21,000) but don't plan on shopping for anything other than ordinary. The only stores around are WalMart, J C Penny's and another department store named Herbergers. There is one local shop downtown and two western wear places, but that's about it. Unless of course, you are under 25, which I am not. There is also no place to buy home decor items, except the for mentioned stores. So, everyone dresses like everyone else, every one's homes look like everyone else's-if you bother to decorate at all.
The lack of shopping was the first thing I noticed. After that, I began to see that it didn't really bother anyone but me. People here seem to have an attitude of "good enough". They don't go above and beyond, the extra mile. They don't see the need. I guess they figure that since they are literally out in the middle of nowhere, it doesn't matter. These thoughts are pervasive throughout everything. Our church and Pastor have this attitude, so does our school for the most part. We have kept it this way for 80 years, so why change it now? Why do we need to improve ourselves? Our church? Our school?
I am sure that they are all thinking that we are the new people, what do we know? We won't be here forever and they will. We are just a mild irritation, trying to change things and will be gone soon.
But, if no one expects more, no one will achieve more.
I want more. More for my family and more for my children. I want them to expect more for themselves and to be the best they can possibly be. So, I will continue to push for change and continue to question why. Don't settle! Live the fullest life that God has given you and you may just see possibilities that are attainable-if you just try.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Welcome to my life!

Grab a coke (I don't "do" coffee) and sit down-watch the yogurt on the sofa. My name is Tracey and I am a stay at home mom to three divas in training, ages 8, 3, and nearly 2. We currently live in Nebraska, but have lived in Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois and Nebraska (another time) as a family. My husband is on the "fast track" up that corporate ladder.
Anyway-I just discovered that there are apparently people out there that want to read other peoples opinions-and it has a name-blogging. I figured this would be a great outlet for me, as I like to write and I have loads of opinons! Who knew someone actually would solicit them?
My current thoughts on motherhood are not all that positive. Two of my children are sick today and have been really naughty. Extreamly naughty. Let an "old" pro give you some advice. Have your kids while you are young-I will be 38 tomorrow! You have much more energy and tolerance for whining. Also-DO NOT have your kids close together! They do not need a playmate, you don't want to "get it over with", they may not be best friends when they get older...any other reasons you can think of, I can probably counter! The truth is that it is very hard to deal with two babies and have any kind of life outside of that. Then add in a kid in grade school (oh, and did I mention being president of the pto?) and other activities and you have total chaos most of the time. Ten years ago I could remeber dates, appointments and even my own name. Today I can remember all of my children's names-I just call them by the wrong ones!
I understand my own mother so much better now.
Well, I hope you have enjoyed my very first blog. I will be adding more when I have the time, between diapers, snacks, potty breaks, emails and breaking up fights.
If you would like to read something else I have written and actually published, then please go to . I wrote a piece for MOPS International's Momsense magazine a year ago. So see, I do have moments of sanity.