Friday, March 13, 2009

WWJD? Or, What Would Jennifer Do??

I have a friend, Jennifer. She is amazing! She is such a happy, lovely person that you can't help but smile when you think of her. I love her philosophy of life-if it doesn't make her happy, she doesn't do it! She will not shop at certain stores because it causes stress for her. She seems so at peace with her life and that spreads to the rest of us.
With her as my inspiration, I have decided to start following her lead. I am no longer going to worry about things that cause irritations in my life-especially people! I give some people WAY to much power to affect my feelings when there is no way they deserve to have any time in my life. Some people are just miserable. They have unhappy lives and have a need to have everyone else be as unhappy as they are. I am too old and too happy to let them affect me anymore!
I hope you all take some inspiration from Jennifer-you will be so glad you did! And if you have the wonderful fortune to have her in your life-consider yourself blessed!! She's a keeper!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Friends

I have recently joined the rest of the world and found facebook. I LOVE it! I can see my friends, anytime I want to, provideing that they have posted pictures on their pages. I have found pages of my current friends and pages for friends in my past. My friends are beautiful. I smile everytime I look at thier pages. Isn't technology incredible? That we can connect over miles, countries, years, like we haven't ever been apart. I suppose that many people my age are interested in finding old school friends. Many pages I see are of slightly "older" people! There are plenty of young ones too. Perhaps we are just trying to remember the fun of our youth, or just plain remember! I am looking forward to finding more friends and keeping in contact with new ones.